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Creating Sustainable Value

Saving More Lives is the most significant impact we can make as a Company on our society. How we do business is as important as the business we do.


Our strategy to reduce our impact on the environment, develop sustainable products, operate ethically, and be an employer of choice for our employees is best shown in our achievements and actions. We are proud of what we have achieved thus far in our journey. We will continue to further develop our targets together with input from our stakeholders and have high expectations for future accomplishments.


Commit to our Employees

​All over the world, we are committed on behalf of our employees to respecting human rights, diversity, health and safety at work. 


Limit our Impact on the Environment

Our commitment is to limit our environmental impact, particularly through reducing waste, energy use and water consumption.


Act Ethically Towards Society

Our responsibility is based on strict observance of ethical standards, including our suppliers, as well as engaging with the communities where we operate. 


Develop Sustainable Products for Consumers

Every day we innovate so that we can offer sustainable solutions and save more lives with our products.