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Social Contributions

In addition to our core business of saving lives on the roads, we assume social responsibility in several other ways, for instance, by supporting and cooperating with universities, authorities, traffic rescue organizations and insurance companies.

Here are some other examples of our social contributions:

Autoliv’s AIDS program

The AIDS epidemic in Southern Africa is a major threat to human society and the economical development of the region.
Therefore Autoliv’s employees in South Africa created a AIDS program, with the aim of proactively educating all employees and their families about AIDS and how they can protect themselves. Our company is now fortunate to have one of the lowest ratios of HIV positive employees in the country.

The Company also actively supports children orphaned by AIDS, some of them are orphans of our ex-employees.

Contribution to Japan Earthquake and Tsunami Relief Efforts

​Japan was hit by a devastating tsunami with 20,000 people killed. Autoliv has four manufacturing facilities in Japan and four offices with nearly 1,800 associates. Fortunately, none of them were injured by the earthquake, and only one of the facilities suffered minor damages. However, Autoliv pledged $400,000 to the rescue and restoration efforts, which was directed through the Japanese Red Cross Society. This is another example of Autoliv’s contribution to societies around the globe.


Volunteer Action from Autoliv Brazil Employees

The area close to Autoliv’s facility in Brazil was hit by severe rainstorms. The rain caused flooding and mudslides in surrounding cities and many people found themselves without a home. The employees of Autoliv Brazil collected, on volunteer basis, food, hygiene products and clothes to the victims.