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Limit Our Impact On The Environment



We believe our operations have a modest environmental impact. Savings from more efficient energy and water usage and waste reduction can have both a positive benefit for environment and decrease our impact on climate change.


Energy reduction

Our facilities are improving energy efficiency and reducing water usage through continuous process improvement. Autoliv is making strides in energy reduction using various methods, including upgrading lighting to LED, automatic light power controls, and air conditioning temperature and time controls. These energy reductions will continue to reduce Autoliv's impact on climate change for years to come.


Water usage reduction

Taking steps to reduce and improve water usage, particularly in countries already experiencing water stress, is of key concern to Autoliv. We look not only to reduce the amount of water that we use in our production processes, but for innovative ways to capture wastewater and invest it productively back into each facility.

Waste and scrap reduction

Our facilities reduce waste and scrap through annual policy deployment targets. Our employees look for ways to reduce waste and scrap, primarily through recycling scrap materials. Other methods include donating scrap tools, finding new uses for waste products and introducing reusable packaging where possible.


Sustainability Key Achievements 2016

Our facilities are certified in accordance with ISO 14001 (83%) or in compliance with the principles of ISO 14001 through our internal standard (715). Our total energy consumption corresponds to 391,533 metric tons CO2 (using the Greenhouse Gas Protocol), an increase of 16% from 2015 due to new facilities, primarily the ANBS joint venture, and increased production. 

Autoliv Environmental Policy