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Develop Sustainable Products For Consumers

Our goal is to develop products that protect people in accidents without having a negative impact on our environment. Our products work at the heart of the vehicle, constantly looking ahead and around, assisting drivers to reach their destinations safely and sustainably.


Design for Sustainability

From innovation to disposal, we consider the potential environmental impact when we design our products and processes. Raw materials, components, manufacturing, use and end-of-life considerations impact our thinking and final product specifications. These include low-weight safety systems, use of alternate energy in our products, and improved fuel efficiency.

Autoliv standard AS005 defines the requirements for reporting the material composition of our supplied parts and the restrictions that certain substances are subject to. this standard includes mandatory corporate protocols for the safe and appropriate use of chemicals in our products, lists declarable, restricted and forbidden substances, and sets specific procedures for following customer requirements and regulations, including REACH and Conflict Minerals.

Sustainability Key Achievements 2016

​Current active safety technologies are estimated to prevent 80% of traffic accidents, reducing injuries and death. The goal of future autonomous driving systems is to eliminate all traffic accidents. our joint venture with Volvo will advance our vision of saving more lives by developing software for world leading, intelligent and reliable Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) and Highly Autonomous Driving (HAD).

The first version of the Learning Intelligent Vehicle utilizes artificial intelligence (AI) technology. It was developed to facilitate cooperation and shared control between driver and vehicle, crucial to achieve trust and maintain safety in the autonomous driving landscape.