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Act Ethically Towards Society


How we do business is equally important as the business we do. Complying and acting ethically towards society and engaging with the community in various ways is a key priority and a responsibility which also expected of our business partners and suppliers.

The Autoliv Standards of Business Conduct and Ethics (“Code”) supplements sound judgement. The Code assists us in performing our work in an ethical and lawful manner. Through guidance and practical examples the Code helps our people to make the best possible decisions, particularly in complex or challenging business situations. Autoliv ensures that all employees adhere to the Code and understand the importance of making ethical choices in their daily work. Because we value ethical business practices, we do not allow to accept or offer any form of bribery. We have defined clear expectations to prevent corruption in our Code and the supporting policy, AS313 Anti-corruption and Anti-bribery. We conduct face-to-face training in this area and have e-learning for targeted employees to ensure that the risks and how to prevent corruption are fully understood.

 Autoliv’s Standard of Business Conduct and Ethics is available here for downloading. code.jpg

Speaking Up

We encourage and empower employees to “raise their hands” by reporting concerning behavior or breach of our Code to managers, human resources, legal, compliance or to the Autoliv Helpline, a confidential multilingual whistleblower service operated by a third-party. We ensure that no employee will be adversely affected for reporting in good faith or for refusing to carry out a directive believed to constitute fraud or a violation of the Code, laws, or regulations.

Autoliv Helpline is available here.

Our Suppliers

Suppliers play a key role in managing our global supply chain in a responsible manner. We expect our suppliers to comply with the laws and regulations in the places where they operate and follow Autoliv’s policies and procedures, including our Standards of Business Conduct and Ethics for Suppliers (“Supplier Code”). The Supplier Code conveys our expectations to uphold our social, ethical, and environmental standards in conducting their businesses, including Human Rights and Working Conditions, Environment, Sustainability, and Business Conduct and Ethics. Our Supplier Quality organization performs supplier audits annually on a rotating basis, on average more than 300 audits per year.


Sustainability Key Achievements 2015

​We strongly believe in contributing to the wellbeing of the communities in which we operate. Community involvement is in the interest of the local business operations in each region and location. Projects are typically initiated by Autoliv employees who are passionate about their communities and take part in a wide range of volunteering activities. The Annual China Auto Safety Exhibition Road-show, organized by the China Automotive Technology and Research Center, will cover 22 cities in 6 provinces and include the activity series “UN decade of Action for Road Safety in China”. The roadshow will educate the public in Auto Safety, including new technologies, safety functions and promoting safety regulation. In our 4th year of participation in this, we demonstrate our industry leadership and our commitment to social responsibility. This annual event serves as a good platform to popularize auto safety and how to improve road safety conditions. In 2015, we also launched Driving the Right Road, a new face-to-face Code of Conduct Awareness and Training for all employees globally. We are highlighting the areas of Quality, Health and Safety, Respect in the Workplace and Confidentiality in this training.

View some examples of Social Contributions

Standard of Business Conduct & Ethics

Business Conduct and Ethics for Suppliers


We expect that as part of the commitment to doing business with Autoliv that our suppliers will implement Business Conduct and Ethics for Suppliers and commit to upholding the same social, ethical, and environmental principles in operating their businesses.



Conflict Minerals

Autoliv's policy on Conflict Minerals can be found below.
Autoliv's 2013 and 2014 Conflict Minerals Report can be found below.

Code of Conduct and Ethics for Directors and Senior Officers

This Code is applicable to the members of Autoliv's board and is intended to guide the board members in the performance of their duties.
This Code is applicable to Autoliv's Senior Officers. It sets forth specific policies to guide Senior Officers in the performance of their duties.