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Active Seatbelts

Active Seatbelts, the latest step in seatbelt technology.

An example of our capability to integrate airbags and seatbelts with new active safety technologies is active seatbelts. These seatbelts make use of the information available in active safety systems such as radar, cameras and/or the electronic stability control (ESC) system to restrain the occupant, even before an imminent crash.

An active seatbelt has an electrically driven pretensioner that tightens the belt as a precaution in hazardous situations. The belt system then releases some webbing if the driver manages to avoid the traffic hazard. This function could also be used to warn the driver by letting the pretensioner vibrate the seatbelt webbing.
The active seatbelts are controlled by the pre-crash ECU that can either be installed in the vehicle or connected directly with the pretensioner. The pretensioning characteristics are tuned with the specific movements and driving dynamics of the vehicle for optimal control for the intended use of the car (for example, sports vs. leisure driving).