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Pedestrian Protection

Many pedestrians are killed on the world’s roads. Autoliv's Active Hood and Pedestrian Protection Airbag (PPA)address this problem.

To protect the head of a pedestrian, the hood of the car needs to be able to act as a cushion. This can be achieved using airbag technology to lift the rear-end of the hood to create clearance to the engine block and other rigid structures beneath the hood.

In many smaller vehicles the hood is too short. The head of a pedestrian will then most likely hit the hard area between the hood and the windscreen or hit one of the roof-pillars. In this case outside airbags can be used to create a cushion-effect.

The sensor system is a critical component in a pedestrian safety system. There are basically three different type of sensors:
- contact sensors in the bumper
- stereo vision camera
- night vision camera
 or a combination of the above with radar sensors

The sensors will initially warn the driver or brake the vehicle before activating the active hood and/or the pedestrian airbag.