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Child Restraints

The safety of children is just as important as that of adults. Children should also travel as comfortable as adults, Autoliv has therefore developed an integrated booster cushion.
We recommend that children weighting between 15 and 36 kg should be seated and securely belted on a booster cushion. This helps position children at the right height for the seatbelt to work properly. 
The combination of the car's regular central 3-point seatbelt, the seat's adjustable head restraint and the position in the rear of the car, makes this a safe position in the car for a child.

 Image of Integrated Booster cushion
The two-stage integrated child booster cushion adds protection as well as comfort and convenience. As children grow, the booster cushion can be adjusted in two heights. Smaller children will also enjoy the elevated seating position which gives them a better view.
When the booster cushions are not needed, they are easily folded into the rear seat cushion, making it a comfortable seat for an adult.