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Knee Airbags

Knee airbags are designed to reduce leg injury and can be mounted on both the driver and passenger sides.

Knee airbags significantly reduce the risk for injuries to the knee, thigh and hip. Although these injuries are not fatal, they often cause life-long disability and represent 23% of the active-life years lost due to injury in frontal crashes involving motor vehicles.

Knee airbags are located below the steering column on the driver's side. On passenger side the airbag is usually mounted below the glove box.
The knee airbag not only reduces leg injuries but also provides benefits for the head and chest by keeping the occupant in the proper position to receive maximum protection afforded by the regular frontal airbag.
In addition, Autoliv's knee airbag allows for more functional use of the space in the vehicle's interior and a more lightweight solution than metal bars and other traditional knee protection alternatives.
Although, knee airbags are found mostly on high-end luxury models they are becoming common place on some mid level models as well.