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It is the inflator that fills the airbag cushion with gas during a crash.
Autoliv offers a full range of inflation devices for airbag systems, as well as micro gas generators for seatbelt pretensioning applications. Our single stage and dual stage inflator technologies are proven to meet the most stringent governmental and customer requirements worldwide. And with such a high level of tailor ability, our inflator output can be tuned to provide optimal protection for a full range of conditions including occupant size and position.
Pyrotechnic Airbag Inflators

Autoliv's pyrotechnic inflators contain a core of solid gas generant. During a crash, this generant is ignited and produces a harmless nitrogen-based gas as it burns. This gas is then forced through filters in the inflator which cool the gas and remove particulates. As the gas exits the inflator, it enters the airbag cushion, deploying it in time to provide lifesaving protection for the vehicle's occupants.
Autoliv is a pioneer in solid propellant gas generation. Our company roots are in the aerospace industry. The first airbags used rocket fuel (sodium azide) to inflate the bags. Today's non-azide pyrotechnic inflators are smaller and lighter than ever before and are available in a full line of products for driver, passenger, side and knee bolster applications.
Stored Gas Airbag Inflators
Unlike our pyrotechnic inflator designs, Autoliv's stored gas designs rely on compressed gas to deploy the airbag. Our hybrid designs use an internal pyrotechnic heating device to compensate for the cooling effect, resulting from the expansion of the compressed gas when the airbag deploys. Other award-winning designs such as our side impact and head protection inflators use stored nitrous or helium to inflate our safety restraints. These stored gas technologies offer a cooler gas alternative to solid pyrotechnic inflators. 
Autoliv's stored gas designs are tailorable to meet a broad performance range for single and dual stage requirements and deliver the same reliability and quality that is the hallmark of Autoliv's inflator products.
Image of Electrical InitiatorsThe gas generant is ignited using electrically triggered initiators which provide a reliable, tunable ignition of the individual shapes of airbag inflator sequences. Using glass-to-metal technology and environmentally friendly raw materials, our initiators can be tailored for customer-specific connector interface as well as for axial or radial output direction.
Micro Gas Generators
Image of Micro Gas GeneratorsThese small gas generators utilize an inflation method similar to their larger airbag counterparts. But their smaller size enables us to integrate them into our pyrotechnic seat belt pretensioning products.