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Side Curtain Airbags

Side Curtain airbags form a cushion between the occupant and the window, protecting the occupant's head from striking the side of the car or intruding vehicles in side-impact crashes. 

Inflatable Curtains ("the IC") protect the occupant's head in side-impact crashes. They are stored in the headliner above the doors and cover the upper side of the vehicle, protecting the head from striking rigid objects such as the car itself, or even trees or poles.  

The sections or "cells" of the IC are inflated in less than 25 milliseconds (four times faster than the blink of an eye). They are estimated to reduce the risk for life-threatening head injuries by 50%. Curtain airbags also prevent occupants from being ejected from the car in a rollover accident.
This kind of airbag will, in effect, become mandatory by federal law in all new vehicles sold in the U.S. by model year 2013. The installation rates in new vehicles exceed 70% in both North America and Europe.
Autoliv's patented Inflatable Curtain (IC) covers the entire upper part of a vehicle's side, cushioning the heads of all passengers seated on that side. It can be designed to protect one row (A to B pillar), 2 rows (A to C pillar) or 3 rows (A to D pillar) of occupants.
Two main categories of Inflatable Curtains are produced today.  The first  is designed to absorb the energy of a direct side impact called "First Impact". The second type of curtain is able to provide energy absorption up to several seconds in rollovers and in case of second impact.
This second type requires the airbag to retain pressure.  This is accomplished by using a sealed cushion in which the cell seams are woven, rather than sewn, using Autoliv's one-piece-weaving technology. This patented technology is used to achieve NHTSA's requirements for ejection mitigation in rollover accidents.


Find out how effective the Curtain airbag is

Use the link below to see the difference between a car with and without a head airbag.