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Autoliv Research works to improve Real Life Traffic Safety
Autoliv Research is a group of approximately 35 highly dedicated traffic safety researchers. They are working in a top-down manner to improve safety in real-life traffic according to the Autoliv Circle of Life.
The Circle starts with understanding the traffic environment and the kinds of accidents that take place within the real-world environment.
Different accident databases are used to get a macro picture of the traffic situation in most countries and regions.
This understanding leads to micro-investigations or deep studies, sometimes resulting in reconstructions in the laboratory of specific traffic accidents which can later lead to completely new safety solutions.

Technical Advisory Board

Autoliv's research is conducted in consultation with the Autoliv Technical Advisory Board, which consists of recognized researchers in traffic safety, crash safety and biomechanics of impact. 

Cooperation with Universities

Autoliv is cooperating with a number of renown Universities and Colleges doing research in the areas where we operate.