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Research Advisory Board

Autoliv's research is conducted in consultation with the Autoliv Research Advisory Board, which consists of recognized researchers in traffic safety, crash safety and biomechanics of impact.




Jan Carlson, Autoliv
Chairman, CEO & President 

Tomiji Sugimoto
Formerly Vice President of the automotive technology research division at Honda R&D Americas and Executive Chief Engineer at Honda Automotive R&D Center, and recognized Fellow by SAE International.


Jeff Crandall
PhD in Mechanical Engineering (1994), Associate Professor and Director of Center of Applied Biomechanics, University of Virginia. Key interest in biomechanics, computational mechanics and vehicle crashworthiness.

Natasha Merat
PhD in Psychology, Associate Professor and Group leader in Safety and Technology at University of Leeds. Key interest in Human factors of highly automated driving and Driver behavior, especially driver distraction and the influence of new technologies in driving.

Chris Urmson
PhD in Robotics, Former faculty member at Carnegie Mellon University and Director of Google’s self-driving car project.

Jan Olsson
MSc Mechanical Engineering. Autoliv Vice President Engineering (1997-2005) and Research (2005-2014).


Steve Fredin
Chief Technology Officer and Group VP Business Development, Autoliv.

Ola Boström
Senior Director, Autoliv Research.