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Reports and Papers


Senior Impact Protection Systems
by Bengt Pipkorn and Cecilia Sunnevång, Autoliv 
Safe Transitions to and from Automated Driving
by Dr. Annika Larsson, Autoliv Development AB
Driver monitoring system as Road Focus Reminder
by Johan Karlsson Autoliv Research and Sergejs Dombrovskis, Henrik Lind Volvo Car Corporation
Characteristics of nearside car crashes – an integrated approach to side impact safety
by Cecilia Sunnevång, Research Project Director at Autoliv
Car safety for children aged 4-12
by Katarina Bohman, Autoliv Research. Published by Karolinska Institutet.
Supplemental shoulder belts during frontal impacts
by Ola Boström, Shinsuke Oda, Krystoffer Mroz from Autoliv and Yasuki Motozawa, Yuichi Ito from Honda R&D
Kinematics of child volunteers and child anthropomorphic test devices during emergency braking events in real car environment
by Stockman I, Bohman K, Jakobsson L, Brolin K.
Q10 child dummy performance in side and frontal sled tests
by Bohman K, Sunnevang C.​
by Rikard Fredriksson, from the Department of Public Health Karolinska Institutet, Stockholm, Sweden​
Pedestrian fatality risk as a function of car impact speed 
by Erik Rosén and Ulrich Sander, Autoliv Research. Published in Accident Analysis and Prevention
Car driver protection at frontal impacts up to 80KM/H (50 MPH)
by Bengt Pipkorn and Yngve Håland, Autoliv Research and Hugo Mellander Traffic Safety Research and Engineering.
Seat integrated 3 point belt with reversed geometry and an inboard torso side-support airbag for improved protection in rollover
by Ola Bostrom and Yngve Haland, Autoliv Research, Sweden.
Fulfilling the pedestrian protection directive using a long-wavelength infrared camera designed to meet both performance and cost targets
by Autoliv Research Team, Autoliv Research, Sweden.
Night Vision: Requirements and possible roadmap for FIR and NIR systems
by Jan-Erik Kallhammer, Autoliv Research, Sweden.
Bumper Bag for SUV to Passenger Vehicle Compatibility and Pedestrian Protection
By Bengt Pipkorn, Rikard Fredriksson and Jan Olsson
Autoliv Research, Sweden. Presented at the ESV Conference June 2007.
The Mechanism of Belt Induced Chest Deflection: Analysis and Possibilities for Reduction
By Burkhard Eickhoff, Harald Zellmer, and Erik Forster, Autoliv B.V. & Co. KG, Germany. Presented at the ESV Conference, June 2007.
Rear Seat Frontal Impact Protection for Children Seated on Booster Cushions – an Attitude, Handling and Safety Approach
By Katarina Bohman & Ola Boström, Autoliv Research, and Anna-Lisa Osvalder & Maria Eriksson, Chalmers University of Technology, Sweden. Presented at the ESV Conference, June 2007.
Injury Mitigation in SUV to Pedestrian Impacts
By Rikard Fredriksson, Erik Flink, Ola Boström - Autoliv Research, Sweden and Kenneth Backman Autoliv Sweden. Presented at the ESV conference in June 2007.