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Cooperation with Universities

Autoliv is cooperating with a number of renown Universities and Colleges doing research in the areas where we operate.

  University of Virginia, US Passive safety  
  Medical College of Wisconsin, US Passive safety  
  George Washington University, US Passive safety  
  Virginia Tech – Wake Forest University, US Passive safety  
  University of Miami, US Passive safety  
  University of Michigan, US Active Safety  
  Universite Louis Pasteur, France Passive safety  
  Graz University, Austria Passive safety  
  Munich University, Germany Accident analysis  
  Loughborough University, UK Accident analysis  
  Monash University, Australia Passive safety, accident analysis  
  University of New South Wales, Australia Passive safety  
  JARI, Japan Passive and active safety  
In Sweden
  Karolinska University Passive and active safety, sensor  
  Chalmers University Passive and active safety  
  Umeå University Passive safety and accident analysis  
  Linköping University Active Safety  
  KTH Royal Institute of Technology Sensor  
  Luleå University Active Safety  
  Lund University Active Safety  
  VTI Active Safety  
  ACREO Sensor  
  IMEGO Sensor