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Our life-saving products never get a second chance.
This is why we can never compromise on quality.
Quality is also a key to our financial performance, since excellence in quality is critical for winning new orders, preventing recalls and maintaining low scrap rates. Therefore, we are fully committed to providing quality products and services to all our customers.
This pursuit of excellence, of zero defects, is a continuous improvement process in four steps. 
 How to Achieve Zero Defects

Product Development
Autoliv’s Product Development System (APDS) ensures that all new products pass five mandatory checkpoints: 1) project planning, 2) concept definition, 3) product and process development, 4) product and process validation, and 5) product launch. In this way, we proactively prevent problems and ensure we deliver only the best designs to the market.
Supply Base
By involving our suppliers early in projects and by training them we ensure robust component designs and processes. This prevents bad parts from being produced by our suppliers and reaching our manufacturing lines.
Production System
Through the Autoliv Production System (APS), all our employees work according to the continuous improvement philosophy. Our associates are also trained to react to anomalies and to understand the critical connection between themselves and our lifesaving products.
Mistake Proofing
Through the Autoliv Quality System (AQS) we verify flawless quality by using mistake-proofing methods such as Poka-Yoke, in-line inspections, and cameras and sensors to prevent us from delivering bad products. We also maintain an advanced product traceability system. 

Q5 - Our Proactive Quality Culture

​Q5 addresses quality in five dimensions: products, customers, growth, behavior and suppliers. The goal is to firmly tie together quality with value within all our processes.


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