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With 80 manufacturing facilities in 28 countries in all regions, Autoliv has the best global presence in its industry. We are also the most vertically integrated automotive safety system supplier with in-house manufacturing for all key components.

In accordance with our manufacturing strategy, component production is concentrated in a few locations, while assembly plants are located close to customers. Final products are typically delivered “just-in-time,” sometimes several times a day, to vehicle manufacturers’ plants.    

For some customers, we have established "sequence centers" inside or very close to their manufacturing plants. These final assembly centers feed Autoliv's products into the vehicle assembly line in the right order; i.e., in accordance with the car buyers' selections of colors and optional equipment. Almost every minute, the Autoliv sequence center receives a new order and within two to five hours (depending on the product) the order is executed and the product delivered.

Since major automobile manufacturers are always expanding production into more countries, it is our strategy to match that expansion, setting up facilities near new or potential vehicle manufacturing sites. We want to be where our customers are. Therefore, we have more plants for automotive safety products in more countries than any other occupant restraint supplier.
To assure standardization and high quality and to maintain proprietary production technologies, Autoliv's production lines and equipment are often developed and manufactured by Autoliv itself.    
Autoliv's manufacturing is highly automated, which allows for low-cost production in high-wage countries. However, in accordance with our cost containment program, Autoliv has moved production to low labor-cost countries over the past several years. This is also important in order to be where the growth is.
Currently, we have more than 65% of our headcount in such countries compared with less than 10% in 1999 when the program began.

Lean Manufacturing


Autoliv Lean Consulting helps our clients focus on solving problems, optimizing value streams and expanding capabilities, giving businesses the power to grow.

Locations and Capabilities


Our ambition is to serve our global customers by delivering products and services of the highest quality, on time and with outstanding customer service. Autoliv has today more than  80 facilities in 29 countries.





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Autoliv Production System

​The Autoliv Production System (APS) is  a process of continuous improvement in order to be the leader in meeting - and exceeding - customer expectations. 

Locations and Capabilities

Autoliv Lean Consulting