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Autoliv Production System

Autoliv is engaged in a process of continuous improvement and breakthrough in manufacturing to creat customer value.

The fundamental goal of any business is to produce the highest value products and services with the least amount of time, effort and cost. This may sound simple in theory, but it's difficult in real life. To achieve this goal Autoliv has implemented the principles of Lean Manufacturing throughout its plants under the name Autoliv Production System (APS).

The APS is a process of continuous improvement, of progressing further each day in satisfying - and exceeding - our customers' expectations. APS is a method to help every single Autoliv plant to grow towards excellence. With APS, every plant is working with the same tools towards a common manufacturing vision.




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Lean Manufacturing

Autoliv Lean Consulting helps our clients focus on solving problems, optimizing value streams and expanding capabilities, giving businesses the power to grow.