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Crash Testing

Autoliv is the only automotive safety supplier with dedicated resources for crash testing of complete vehicles and not only vehicle bodies in sled tests.

We have 7 tracks for such full-scale tests (in France, Germany, Japan, Sweden, China and the U.S.), in addition to 14 sled test tracks.
At our seven full-scale tracks, dynamic tests can be performed with complete cars weighing up to 3.5 tons at speeds up to 80 km/h (50 mph). The experience our experts gather from these crash tests gives Autoliv a unique capability to work as a "safety consultant" and a "development partner" with the vehicle manufacturers.
Some of Autoliv's crash test centers perform more than 600 full-scale tests and over 5,000 sled test annually. A vast number of computer crash simulations are performed in tandem with these tests. Much of Autoliv's testing resources are widely used by vehicle manufacturers, auto suppliers, safety organizations, trade magazines, etc. This means that Autoliv's crash test specialists have the unique opportunity of gathering expert knowledge from a multitude of crash tests from a greater variety of vehicles than many experts working with a specific car manufacturer.
Image with flow chart depicting crash testing
With dedication to service and professionalism Autoliv handles every aspect of testing (from the test method development, pre-test preparations and computer simulations to the crash testing, post-test analysis and safety improvement recommendations). Autoliv is also highly aware of the customers need for confidentiality and therefore imposes strict security measures in every part of the testing process. The requirements for reliability at Autoliv's test centers means that Autoliv has a stringent quality control system in place based on a "zero-defect" principle.


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