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Technology shines a spotlight on pedestrians

Night Vision with Dynamic Spot Light

Since pedestrians are four times as likely to be killed or injured by a vehicle in the dark; this active safety feature was developed by Autoliv and BMW to improve the safety for vulnerable road users. 

Autoliv's Night Vision system is the driving force behind “Dynamic Light Spot” pedestrian illumination system. It brings active safety into the vehicle’s headlights. Many nighttime traffic collisions share a common cause – a driver’s inability to recognize pedestrians or animals in the roadway due to poor visibility, many times leaving the driver with little time to react, often resulting in injuries or even death.

  Without Dynamic Spot Light                      With Dynamic Spot Light 

The Dynamic Light Spot addresses this concern by utilizing sensors and cameras designed by Autoliv to actively spotlight pedestrians on the side of the roadway.  As a result, motorists will be able to identify potential hazards at a greater distance, leaving more time to navigate around them. This is without using the high-beam lights and blinding oncoming traffic.