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Autoliv at CES

The video below shows Autoliv, the worldwide leader in automotive safety systems, for the first time participating in the annual International Consumer Electronics Show (CES).

"Today's average technology consumers spend large portions of their average day in traffic. We want to signal to neighboring tech sectors that the future in automotive safety lies in different parties coming together to further improve road safety for the future", says Jan Carlson, Chairman, President and CEO of Autoliv.

Autoliv showcased several active safety developments, including:
- Roadscape                                  - MonoVision with Automatic Emergency Braking (AEB)
- Night Vision                                 - Rear Cross Traffic Alert (RCTA)
- Vision Systems                            - zForce Steering Wheel
- Radar AEB



This video showcases Autoliv at Consumer Electronic Show 2016 in Las Vegas.  

Autoliv Demonstrates Real Life Safety


This 2:34 minute video shows Real Life Safety demos using Autoliv Active Safety Systems. Autoliv showcases several active safety developments. Being “the eyes of autonomous driving”, Active Safety progress is crucial for sector development both in today's vehicles as well as for all aspects of future self-driving vehicles – and in a broader sense, for any traffic situation where product safety meets real life situations.

Autoliv Capital Markets Day 2015


Autoliv hosted Capital Markets Day in Gothenburg, Sweden. Vehicle demonstrations focused on our advanced safety technology autonomous driving and Product and Production System Exhibitions at the Active Safety test area "AstaZero".