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Torricelli Vacuum Brake

Reduces stopping distance by up to 40%.

​Many car accidents are caused by late braking with insufficient force. A driver may brake too late for several reasons: He or she is distracted or inattentive; visibility is poor or a pedestrian crosses the street without paying attention. 

The Torricelli brake is developed for significantly reducing stopping distance for Autonomous Emergency Braking (AEB). Autoliv states the innovation could revolutionize traffic safety in urban environments.

 Torricelli Vacuum Brake


Tests have proven the so-called Torricelli brake – a vacuum induced plate below a vehicle which sucks down into the track during emergency braking situation – decreases braking distances with ~40 % in speeds up to 70 kph.

The technology, developed at Autoliv's research plant in Vårgårda, Sweden., is named after 17th century Italian physicist Evangelista Torricelli, known for clinically accounting the vacuum and for inventing the barometer.