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Annual Meeting of Stockholders

Information concerning voting and solicitation
Autoliv, Inc.´s Annual Meeting of Stockholders will be held on May 10, 2016 at the Langham Chicago, 330 North Wabash Avenue, Chicago, Illinois 60611, USA, at 9:00 a.m. Local Time.
Availability of Proxy Materials on the Internet
The Proxy Statement and the Annual Report are available from here for downloading:
Who Can Vote

You are entitled to vote if you were a stockholder of record of our common stock as of the close of business on March 14, 2016 (the “Record Date”). Each stockholder is entitled to one vote for each share of common stock.
How to Vote
You may vote by proxy on the Internet or by telephone by following the instructions provided in the Notice of Internet Availability of Proxy Materials sent previously to you. If you requested printed copies of the proxy materials by mail, or have a printed proxy card, you may also vote by completing and mailing a printed proxy card. You may also vote in person at the Annual Meeting. Please bring your notice and identification with you.
If you are a beneficial owner of shares held in a “street name,” please refer to the instructions provided by your bank, broker or other nominee for voting your shares. If you wish to vote in person at the Annual Meeting, you must obtain a valid proxy from the organization that holds your shares and have proof of ownership of our common stock as of the Record Date.
Links to voting sites 
For holders of the common stock, click here. 
For holders of the Swedish Depository Receipts (SDR) click here.