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Presentations & Transcripts

This is the Presentations page where you will find slides to external presentations given by our CEO, CFO and IR-group. We have also included the slides used for our quarterly reports presentations.

CEO Jan Carlson - The Future of Automotive Safety

​Jan Carlson, Chairman, President & CEO of Autoliv, presented at Deutsche Bank 2017 Global Auto Industry Conference on Tuesday, January 10, 2017 in Detroit. It was in conjunction with the Detroit Autoshow.

His topic was The Future of Automotive Safety.

The Future of Automotive Safety + Transcript



Quarterly Presentations & Transcripts 

PowerPoint presentations in pdf format concerning Autoliv's quarterly financial results.


​20162015​        2014
​4th Quarter4th Quarter        4th Quarter
​3rd Quarter + Transcript3rd Quarter        3rd Quarter
​2nd Quarter ​2nd Quarter
       2nd Quarter
1st Quarter 1st Quarter        1st Quarter



Autoliv & Volvo Cars Press Conference 

September 6, 2016
Presentation: ​Autoliv and Volvo Cars, Together Towards Autonomous Driving

Transcript from press conference


CMD 2015 Presentations

​​October 1​​October 2
Jan CarlsonSvante Mogefors
Johan LöfvenholmSteve Fredin
George Chang
Frank Melzer
Mats Wallin


2017-02-09 NDR Boston- NYC
2017-01-10 The Future of Automotive Safety, Jan Carlson
2017-01-10 North American International Auto Show, Jan Carlson
2016-11-04 Post Q3 2016 Earnings Release, CEO, NYC-Boston
2016-09-26 Stockholm School of Economics Executive Education
2016-09-06 Autoliv and Volvo Cars_Press Conference presentation
2016-06-01 Navigating the NordicsALV
2016-05-19 CITI Car of the Future, Frank Melzer
2016-05-12 NDR, CEO and CFO in Boston and NY
2016-05-10 Autoliv General Meeting
2016-02-18 Q1-16 Barclays Select Industrial Conference with CEO
2016-01-12 Detroit Auto Show, Jan Carlson – Chairman, President and CEO
2015-10-02 CMD 2015, Svante Mogefors
2015-10-02 CMD 2015, Steve Fredin
2015-10-02 CMD 2015, Mats Wallin
2015-10-02 CMD 2015, George Chang
2015-10-02 CMD 2015, Frank Melzer
2015-10-01 CMD 2015, Johan Lofvenholm
2015-10-01 CMD 2015 Jan Carlson
2015-08-03 Post Q2 15 Results, USA
2015-05-07 Handelsbanken och City Bank, Stockholm & NY
2015-04-01 NY Auto Show
2015-03-19 Carnegie Autonomous Driving Conf, Copenhagen
2015-03-17 Bank of America Merrill Lynch, London
2015-01-14 Detroit Auto Show
2014-11-19 Barclays NY, Henrik Kaar
2014-10-01 Exane BNP Stuttgart
2014-08-12 Investor Conferences, NYC
2014-06-12 Citi Car of the Future
2014-06-09 Financial analyst training, Stockholm
2014-06-04 China Overview, Arthur Blanchford
2014-05-19 China Investors
2014-05-07 RW Baird, Mats Wallin
2014-05-06 Handelsbanken - Active Safety, Salah Hadi
2014-05-06 Annual General Meeting
2014-04-16 BoAML Auto Summit NYC
2014-03-04 Daiwa - Tokyo
2014-02-07 Post Q4-13 Nordea, Stockholm
2014-02-03 Post Q4-13 Results, Boston and NYC
2014-01-14 Detroit Auto Show