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Autoliv Recruitment System - General Terms of Use for Applicants

‚ÄčThe use of  the Autoliv Online Recruitment System (collectively "Recruitment System") is only allowed for its legitimate purpose. Users may not violate any Autoliv or third-party rights and may not disseminate unlawful or insecure content.

Each user is responsible for any content they enter or upload into the Recruitment system. Users shall take appropriate safeguards to secure their passwords from unauthorized access. Autoliv retains the right to hold users accountable for any damages Autoliv has occured due to user's inproper usage of the Recruitment System, if the user is responsible for those damages.

Users hereby agree that all communication regarding the use of the Recruitment System may be sent to them by email or other electronic means, unless such is legally prohibited.

Autoliv may remove illicit content without prior contacting of the user. In such cases Autoliv furthermore reserves the right to issue a temporary or indefinite prohibition on use. Users will be informed immediately of such measures. This does not substantiate any claim for reimbursement on the part of users. If Autoliv becomes aware of an illicit action by users or if Autoliv is made aware of an allegedly illicit action by third parties, Autoliv may, within the bounds of legal regulations, make data relating to the persons available to law enforcement agencies and regulatory authorities.

Persons below the age of 18 should not use this service without the approval of their parents or legal guardian.

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