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Growing with Autoliv

Autoliv believes that in order to be successful, we need to continue to invest into the development and growth of our employees.
This is key to the sustainability of our organization.

Career Development


​The Autoliv culture is one where our people have the chance to pursue their career aspirations in a supportive and collaborative environment. Through our effort to save more lives our employees have opportunities to grow and to connect with their colleagues while engaging in meaningful work that makes a difference.

Many career options are available at Autoliv and our employees have the freedom to develop their careers in many different directions. Our success depends on the success of our specialists, experts, and leaders and we strive to help our people make the best possible career choices to leverage their skills and potential through structured processes for the identification and development of key talents.


Learning & Development


​We are committed to connecting the career paths of our employees to targeted learning and development activities in order to support continuous growth and development and ensure that we have right people in the right places with the right skills at the right time to meet our business strategies.

This connection not only reinforces Autoliv’s competitiveness as an employer but strengthens our ability to maximize customer and shareholder value, helping our business to have continued success.