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Customers & Sales

Due to our technological leadership and superior global footprint, our diversified customer base includes virtually every vehicle manufacturer in the world. This has also allowed Autoliv to gain market share with growing customers.


In 2016 our top five customers represented 53% of sales and the ten largest represented 84%. This reflects the concentration in the automotive industry. The five largest vehicle manufacturers (OEMs) in 2016 accounted
for 52% of global light vehicle production (LVP) and the ten largest for 76%. A delivery contract is typically for the lifetime of a vehicle model, which is normally between 4 and 6 years depending on customer platform sourcing preferences and strategies.
Sales by Customer

As a technology leader, premium vehicles are especially important to Autoliv, not only in terms of sales per vehicle but most importantly as a way to introduce new technologies into the market. This is evidenced by Volvo, BMW and Mercedes who have introduced many of Autoliv’s “world-first products”.