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Company History

​ ​ ​
1953​ The Company is founded by Lennart Lindblad under the name Lindblads Autoservice AB, a car and tractor repair shop.


1956 ​

First seatbelt is launched.

1959​ First subsidiary (“Gebrüder Lindblad”) is established in Germany.​
1968​ The Company’s name is changed to Autoliv AB.​

1975  ​ Autoliv is acquired by Gränges Weda AB, which  developed the Essem seatbelt retractor in 1967. ​

1977​ Lennart Lindblad leaves the Company after 25 years.
1979​ Evert Larsson Industri AB, a Swedish seatbelt manufacturer to Volvo, is acquired.​

Autoliv becomes a subsidiary within Electrolux when this white goods manufacturing group acquires Gränges AB, an industrial conglomerate and owner of ​Gränges Weda.

Airbag production begins.​


Sales hit SEK 200 million (US$30 million) with 800 employees (Sweden and France with 300 each and​ Germany with 200).

1982​ Gunnar Bark becomes CEO. Including his time as Chairman of the Board, he stays with the Company until 2000 (except for a short period around 1996/97).  ​

1983 ​ 49% of BKI in Spain is acquired.​

1984​ The Company's name is changed to Electrolux Autoliv AB. Sales exceed SEK 1 billion (US$150 million).​

1985​ Klippan is acquired (with operations in France, Germany, Italy and Spain).​
1986​ Hartwalls in Finland is acquired.​
1987​ Joint venture in Japan is established, Akta and Cipro in Sweden are acquired.​
1988​ Britax-Kolb is acquired (with operations in Australia, Germany and the U.K.) as well as Cooldrive in Australia. ​

1989​ Joint ventures are established in the U.S. and China. ​

1991​ Joint ventures are established in India, Mexico and South Africa.​


Autoflug Fahrszeugtechnik in Germany is acquired and joint venture established in Taiwan.

1993​ Joint venture is established in Turkey. ​
Electrolux sells its shares in Autoliv through a public offering and the shares are listed on the Stockholm Stock Exchange. Company name is changed to Autoliv AB.
Introduction of world-first side thorax airbag (on​ the Volvo 850).​
Autoliv Inc is formed through a merger of Autoliv AB, Europe's leading automotive safety company, and Morton ASP, the leading airbag manufacturer in North America and Asia.

Marling Industries plc with the subsidiary Van Oerle Alberton, the world leading producer of seatbelt webbing, is acquired.

Introduction of the first inflatable curtain airbag.
A number of acquisitions are executed, such as the remaining 50% interests in Autoliv-Nokia and Sagem-Autoliv. Both joint ventures produce airbag electronics. Autoliv also buys most of the assets of Sensor Technologies - a Japanese airbag and airbag sensor manufacturer - and starts to construct a production plant there. Production of steering wheels begins in the United State
1999​Lars Westerberg takes over as CEO and becomes Chairman in 2007 until 2011​


Izumi, the second largest Japanese steering wheel company, is acquired along with the North American seatbelt operations of the Japanese company NSK. Autoliv also acquires 40% of NSK's Asian seatbelt business and starts inflator production in Japan. Autoliv also acquires OEA, a leading supplier of initiators for airbag inflators and Autoliv's main external supplier of such squibs.​


The joint venture Autoliv Mando Corporation is formed for the Korean market. Autoliv also increases its interest in Livbag to 83%.

2002​ Visteon Restraint Electronics is acquired and China’s first airbag plant is opened.​
2003​ The steering wheel assets of the Japanese Nippon Steering Industries (NSI) is acquired, as well as the remaining 17% of the shares in Livbag, Europe´s leading manufacturer of inflators and initiators for airbags.​
2004​ Autoliv purchases the outstanding 40% shareholding in its Chinese airbag company - Autoliv (Shanghai) Vehicle Safety Systems, opens a webbing plant for seatbelts in Romania and introduces a fixed-hub steering wheel.
Autoliv starts to invest in six new crash-test sleds in China, Korea, Malaysia, Thailand and Australia. ​

2005​ Autoliv’s seatbelt webbing capacity is expanded in Shanghai, China. ​
2006​ Expansion of Autoliv’s plant in Korea. ​

Current CEO, Jan Carlson, assumes his position.

The remaining shares are acquired in the joint ventures in Korea, India and Northern China. ​

2008​Acquisition of Tyco's radar business.​



Acquires Delphi's occupant restraint businesses in Asia, North America and Europe.​
2011​ Active safety acquisitions of software program and a long-range radar license (from Hella and Astyx).​
2012​Introduction of the first pedestrian airbag. ​

The merger between Autoliv and Morton