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Executive Management

Jan Carlson
Chairman, CEO & President 
Born 1960. Employed 1999.
Shares: 77,861
Restricted Stock Units: 15,908
Options: 13,830

Henrik Arrland
Group VP, Purchasing
Born 1967. Employed 2011.
Shares: 0
Restricted Stock Units: 4,560
Options: 3,965

George Chang
President, Passive Safety
Born 1964. Employed 1997.
B.S. Mech. Engineering and MBA
Shares: 1,162
Restricted Stock Units: 5,155
Options: 10,866

Steve Fredin
Group VP, Sales & Engineering
Born 1962. Employed 1988.
B.S. Mech. Engineering
Shares: 2,333
Restricted Stock Units: 5,155
Options: 8,698

Karin Eliasson
Group VP, Human Resources
Born 1961. Employed 2014.
Shares: 150
Restricted Stock Units: 0
Options: 0
Thomas Jönsson
Group VP, Corporate Communications
Born 1966. Employed 2013.
Shares: 0
Restricted Stock Units: 3,127
Options: 3,965
Johan Löfvenholm
Group VP, Product & Process Development
Born 1969. Employed 1995.
Shares: 0
Restricted Stock Units: 4,560
Options: 5,399
Svante Mogefors
Group VP, Quality
Born 1955. Employed 1996.
Shares: 6,869
Restricted Stock Units: 4,560
Options: 17,787

Jonas Nilsson
President, Autoliv Europe
Born 1971. Employed 2014.
Shares: 0
Restricted Stock Units: 1,531
Options: 4,592
Fredrik Peyron
Group VP, Legal Affairs,
General Counsel and Secretary.
Born 1967. Employeed 2015.​
Shares: 0 
Restricted Stock Units: 0 
Options: 0 
Steven Rodé
Interim President, Electronics
Born 1961. Employed 1984.
B.S. Mech. Engineering
Shares: 2,715
Restricted Stock Units: 2,219
Options: 1,976
Mats Wallin
Chief Financial Officer,
Group VP,

Born 1964. Employed 2002.
Shares: 5,508
Restricted Stock Units: 6,151
Options: 10,882


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